A day job might not suffice to provide for your family’s needs. While searching for an extra source of income might not come in handy, especially if you are on a tight budget, it is however worth noting that you can start a business even with a low budget.

The amount of capital that you’re willing to spend will not determine the success of your business. All you need is to determine what you can offer and identify your target market. Planning and strategizing come hand in hand to help your business thrive.

Moreover, you should never compromise quality over maximizing gains as a newcomer. The quality of your service or product is your best shot to take a good share of the profit from the market. It is the key to improving customer loyalty.

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Today is the day to start your business and if you seem to lack ideas, here’s an infographic that presents 10 low budget business ideas from Lotus Mall in Cavite that will inspire you in putting up a business.

10 Low Budget Business Ideas 2017

Infographic by Lotus Mall