Are you suffering from Arthritis? You are not alone!

One in five Americans is suffering from Arthritis. Arthritis can cause dysfunction of joints, stiffness, swelling and lot of pain.

Medicines alone won’t get you very far to reduce arthritic joint pain unless you complement it with effective home remedies. Here is a list of 10 proven yet simple home foods that can help to reduce arthritic joint pain.

These foods are packed with essential ingredients to fight Arthritis by improving patient’s immune system.  Adding them to be part of your daily life will significantly help to change your life. Of course, everyone is different, so not everyone gets the same result. But one thing is certain, adding these super foods to your daily routine will help to reduce Arthritic joint pain significantly. We hope this info-graphics will help you decide which one would suit you the best.

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10 Simple Foods to Reduce Arthritic Joint Pain