Looking for a new place to live is downright exciting – and these days, more people are considering to move in an already furnished home rather than starting from the very beginning.

However, with the convenience of relocating to a fully furnished home, comes the dilemma of lack of storage spaces for one of the most important things you can’t live without: your shoes with the trusty high heels and stilettos included. Definitely, you’ll be left with a question, where do the shoes go?

If you’re plagued with small storage spaces or closets seemingly designed for a minimalist, then you need to come up with a smart space-saving solution–and a shoe rack falls perfect into that category. Whether you’re a young adult ready to live on your own or a professional looking for a place near your workplace, Janylin Shoes has rounded up 18 fashion-forward yet functional shoe racks that are worth your Pin:

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