Giving gifts may not be as exciting as it used to be if you’ll fail to give enough thought to the idea. Roses and chocolates are just too ordinary–for sure, there are better options that you can take advantage of.

This Valentine’s day, it is time to forgo of your usual Valentine’s gift ideas. Now is the time to adopt new and creative ones even with a tight budget.

There are a lot of affordable and nice selection of gifts that are creatively romantic. Whether it is for your partner, or for your kids, the options are endless–all giving the guarantee of appreciation.

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It’s now time to get your pen and list all the gifts that you think will fit a special someone this Valentine’s day. Whether you are searching for gifts for him, for her, for the kids and even for your brokenhearted friend, this infographic from M2Live got your needs covered.

35 Affordable Valentine's Gift Ideas