Customer support has evolved over the years. From simply being a supporting arm of a business, it is now considered as a primary tool of successful companies that allows them to receive critical feedback from their customers, which they can use to improve their services.

One innovation in the field of customer service is ticketing management. This system was developed to keep up with the increasing number of user queries and questions that business received. Taking on every request alone would use up all your time on answering these questions—leaving you no time to work on improving your product itself.

But thanks to technology, there are many kinds of ticket management system available for small and large business alike. Then again, as with everything, no one-size-fits-all solution solves every organization’s needs. To make the most of such system, you need to identify the small steps that will lead to huge, positive changes in your IT support services.

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In the infographic below, MicroSourcing illustrates six tips that can help make your ticket management system much more efficient.

6 Ways to Have Better Technical Support Ticket Management