Acne affects most people at some time or another throughout their lives. Some people have mild acne, some people have severe acne, and a lucky few only get the occasional pimple. Whichever type of acne you have, it’s always painful and unpleasant to deal with.

To make matters worse, there are about a million acne “treatments” out there. There’s every type of cream, face scrub, and medicine you can imagine. Some treatments are only meant for certain skin types or certain types of acne. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

Here’s an infographic from about how to get rid of acne. They have compared over 60 of the best and most common acne treatments. You can find effective natural treatments as well as conventional treatments. They also look at things like diet and what vitamins and minerals are most important to treat acne.

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If you’re having trouble finding the right treatment for your acne, then check out this guide.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Infographic