7 Health Benefits of Walking

Physical activity doesn’t have to be complicated. Walking is a simple way to keep your body and mind healthy. You can do it almost anywhere, no matter the season – you only have to leave your house and start walking.

Here are a few of the numerous health benefits of walking:

1. Walking strengthens your heart
2. Mood improvement
3. Stronger bones
4. Live longer
5. Weight loss
6. Vitamin D boost
7. Reduces cancer risk

It is also a low impact way of exercising. It doesn’t put too much stress on the bones and muscles. That’s the reason why athletes who are suffering from a long term injury often start their exercise routine with fitness walking again.

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For the reasons mentioned above it’s also the perfect form of sport for overweight people who want to start exercising and don’t know where to start.

7 Health Benefits of Walking

Infographic by woowalkers


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