8 Social Media Rules Kids Should Follow (Infographic)

As responsible parents, it is very essential to be knowledgeable of how your kids using any social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. Little do we know that even a kid young for an account, they are aware what it is and have the knowledge on how to use the media. The parents or guardians are the authority on establishing the policies in allowing the kids to create and participate in social media.

While the use of internet is rapidly growing, and it becomes very accessible almost anywhere, it is however up for discussion particularly in child’s welfare. It is important to persuade yourself on the proper use of social media. Keep in mind that social media per se is not fundamentally good or bad. It depends on the use of the technology that discerns the effect weather it is positive or negative.

afterschool.ae, the leading resource of kids activities in Dubai present an infographic that tackle social media rules kids need to follow:

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