Does Coffee Increase Metabolism And Help You Lose Weight?

This infographic gives you more information on how drinking coffee can help you burn fat and lose weight. Caffeine increases your metabolism that’s the primary reason why you lose weight by drinking coffee. With a higher metabolism, you will burn... Read more

Impressive Dressing Tips For a Zoom Interview

The list will serve as a guide on what to wear for a Zoom interview. Dress to impress, ace that interview, and get your dream job. Read more

Who’s Global WHO Line Up For Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral?

Here are some of the global leaders and royals invited to the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. It is the first state funeral to be held in the UK after the one for Winston Churchill in... Read more

Do you know the Hiring Practices in the Middle East and North Africa?

According to 21.3% MENA employers, the biggest mistake that job-seekers make is having poor language on a CV. The 20% of MENA employers consider poor preparation, prior to interviews, to be the biggest turn-off in potential employees. Read more

Modern Ways to Search for Better Job

If you’re thinking about doing a job search, first check your social media presence. This infographic shows some of the steps you can take to improve your profile. Read more

Job Interview Dos & Don’ts

What to ask, listen, wear, act, highlight, compensate for weaknesses, talk about past employers, leverage your past, body language, wrap up & exit… Read more

How To Impress In An Interview with 10 Easy Tips?

Please take a look at these 10 interview tips to ensure that you impress and hopefully make the vacancy a job you can call your own. Read more

How to Stay Calm and Beat Job Interview Nerves?

Interview stress hits most people, even experienced performers. It’s very important to be calm during an interview. Read more

Interview Preparation: What to do before and after the interview?

Preparation is proven to be the most decisive factor in interview success. These 5 key steps will give you the winning edge: Read more

Top 6 Wedding Welcome Drinks For Every Season

These are the top 6 appealing wedding welcome drinks one should definitely keep in their wedding functions. These welcome drinks will surely make a highly positive impact on your guests and will definitely excite them to try your reception meal. Read more

How to Add More Protein to Your Diet?

No matter the reason for needing to add more of this nutrient to your diet, this infographic provides seven easy ways to do so. Protein is an essential component of any healthy diet. Your body needs this nutrient to build... Read more

10 Tips To Get The Job Interview Right

This infographic highlighted the 10 tips to get the job interview right. Read more

Best 10 New Year Resolutions You Should Set for 2021

The most dramatic yet traumatic year is finally end, so have you planned anything for this year? Any new year resolution that you are looking forward to? If not, this infographic will make 2021 a lot better for you and... Read more

The 5 Minutes Guide to Getting a Job in Social Media

Even though spending five minutes might not be enough time to put you on the road to working in a social media paradise, there’s sound advice within this infographic. Read more

Pool Maintenance in the U.S: Infographic, Statistical Analysis and Practical Recommendations

With as many as 4.1% of all American households owning a pool, the cost of pool maintenance is becoming increasingly important. Unlike in the 1980’s when only the 2% of wealthiest Americans were able to afford pools, nowadays, you don’t... Read more

Women and Fashion in the Digital Age

Each decade in the fashion industry has brought something with it. The geometric patterns were the trend of the 1960s while the 70s was all about the earth tones, greys, white and black. The decade of 1980s was influenced by... Read more

How to Perform Story Point Estimations in Agile?

A story point is used in the Agile Development project with an aim to estimate the difficulty of implementing a given user story. The story points approach in Agile Estimation makes use of historical data to compare features of previous... Read more

Tips on How to Use and Maintain Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an important tool in our daily life. To keep our home neat and clean it is mandatory and nowadays it becomes an integral part of our busy life. There is a lot of smart and modern... Read more

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Unless you are a car guy, you may not think about washing your car’s exterior as often as you take care of its interior. However, as critical as vehicle maintenance is, it is just as important to wash and detail... Read more

10 Interesting Facts to Know About Hair – Advanced Hair Studio

Other than regular washing and treatment, if you think deeply, our hair is an interesting concept. You may know how to style it or wash it, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on up there that we rarely... Read more

Best Stem Cell Treatment or Therapy – iOBX

When you are looking for an alternative form of treatment to surgery then stem cell treatment is the correct step for arthritis and injuries. This treatment can help to restore and repair diseased or damaged tissues in the body and... Read more

How to Transform your Booth into a Visitor Magnet?

Custom printed gazebos are like blank canvases where you can exhibit your themes, colour combinations, layouts and elements to paint the perfect picture of your brand. About 64% of people who attend a trade fair or a business convention tell... Read more

What is Fatberg? Why is it Ruining our Drains?

Fatberg is a huge amount of solid waste in a drainage that will cause blocked drains. They are made up of grease, oil, Kitchen waste material, as well as towels, wet wipes and nappies that have been flushed down in... Read more

How To Choose The Right Job

A lot of people look at a job and a career as the same thing, but they are not. A job is usually where you work, such as “I work at Google”, whereas a career is your profession such as... Read more

What You Need to Know About Encryption

There are many methods of encrypting information. And even different methods as to whether you are encrypting information to be stored in a file or being used to encrypt information that is being exchanged between computers or streaming film and... Read more

Thai Cave Rescue Mission Infographic: How the 12 boys and their coach were rescued?

Have a look at this timeline of the cave rescue and follow the coverage on the incident that gripped world headlines. This is what the rescue mission entailed: Infographic source: news24 Read more

What Martial Art Do You Love?

10 Types of Martial Arts You’ll Want to Check Out With all the different types of martial arts out there it can be difficult to figure out just which one is going to be right for you. Which is why... Read more

30 Social Media Marketing Stats for 2017

As social media usage continues to grow at a steady rate it’s essential that entrepreneurs and marketers implement a social media marketing strategy for their business – and a key part of any successful strategy is understanding the stats and... Read more

What Top Talent Really Wants? The 10 Best Workplace Incentives

Free cafeterias. Unlimited vacation. Extended parental leave. We all fantasize about such amazing workplace benefits, but most of us haven’t experienced them yet. That fantasy is coming to life more and more. Recently, we’ve seen employers stepping up their incentives... Read more

21 Best Interview Tips: Common Questions & Best Answers

There’s much more to a successful job interview than just knowing how to answer the most commonly asked questions. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared some more tips that will help you prepare for everything else that comes... Read more

34 Signs a Man is Ready to Marry a Woman Infographic

This infographic showcases some of the top signs that men may be showing when they’re ready to commit to their relationship and take it to the next level of commitment – namely, marriage. This is a question that is often... Read more

Ultimate Guide to Sleep During Pregnancy

This infographic shows the ultimate guide to sleep during pregnancy and learn about why sleeping is so important and the cause of bad sleep. Infographic by: pregnancypillows Read more

The Philippines in Miss Universe by the Numbers

The Philippines has been producing candidates to watch through the years in Miss Universe, and it is one of the few nations with the most number of awards from the competition. Check out the Philippines’ record in the Miss Universe... Read more

The 38 Benefits of Owning a Dog

If you’re a dog owner, you can probably already attest to the benefits (either health or home) of having a canine companion around. This infographic from Mother Nature Network goes into more detail about exactly how your life may improve... Read more

Islamic State (ISIS): Terror Has Gone Social

This infographic answers a few of these questions… What exactly is ISIS? What do they aim to do? How is ISIS using social media to further their war? Source: zerofox Read more

How to Avoid Tanim-Bala Scam and Extortion at NAIA

These are some of the suggestions on how to avoid being a victim of laglag-bala or tanim bala gang and extortion at NAIA. Courtesy from ABS-CBN Read more

Infographic: The Day Marcos Declared Martial Law

September 23, 1972 – The Day Marcos Declared Martial Law. On this day, Marcos stole Philippines democracy. Institutions were shut down, people were arrested, and many were killed. Here are the numbers: Source: Read more

Online Students vs. Traditional Students

Online education is gradually gaining popularity as students look at ways to combat the high costs of living during study, and workers look to further their existing education while still maintaining a full-time job. Lack of credibility has traditionally surrounded... Read more

Philippines vs India: Which Outsourcing Destination Is Better?

Which outsourcing destination is better? Philippines Or India? Find out on this infographic: Source: onlinejobs Read more

How an Emmy is Won? [Infographic]

The mysteries of the intricate Emmy-winner selection process are revealed in this infographic: Courtesy of: emmys Read more

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus vs The Best Android Phones [Infographic]

As expected, Apple announced two new smartphones, the iPhone 6S and the larger iPhone 6S Plus. It seems that Apple has been extremely busy giving the new iPhones some of the biggest upgrades we’ve seen in an “S” generation that... Read more

The Top 10 Richest People In The Philippines 2015 [Infographic]

Henry Sy is still the richest person in the Philippines according to Forbes. See the complete list here: The Top 10 richest in the Philippines are: Source: gmanetwork Created by: imoney Read more

10 Differences Between A Boss And A Real Leader [Infographic]

A boss can provide good or bad leadership but a good leader can never be a bad boss. A boss gives the task to someone who is a leader, while a leader does the task with the team. After doing... Read more

Blood Types in Korea Infographic

Asking for your blood type is one of the most common questions you will get in Korea. As its written in the infographic, most people do not take it seriously and just use it for fun or as an icebreaker... Read more

RDX Sports: Strong Women In Sports

This quality infographic is packed with information about some of the strongest women in sport such as Jessica Ennis Hill, Nicola Adams and Ronda Rousey to name a few. Infographic by RDX Sports Read more

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey Infographic

This is an infographic piece based of the 2013 stats of UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. Source: behance Read more

Bangsamoro Basic Law: One Big Chance For Peace

This infographic shows historic milestones of the Bangsamoro peace process under the Aquino administration. Source: opapp Read more

Why Cheap Can Be Deadly?

The young may afford cigarettes now, but the long-term consequences of smoking are costly. Learn more from this infographic: Source: rappler Read more

BAGUIO: Your Awesome Journey to Baguio Food Trip (Infographic)

This infographic shows a summary of Baguio’s Must Eats and Must See Places, please take a look (click the image to view the bigger version): (Click to download: Your Awesome Journey to Baguio Food Trip PDF File for Printing) Source:... Read more

Best Jobs of 2015

This infographic shows more insights on where the best jobs exist by industry, which jobs have low stress levels and high work-life balance scores and where exactly to look for particular types of jobs, please take a look: Source: money.usnews Read more

Aquino Administration: How Much Is The Proposed 2016 Budget?

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has released this infographic on the 2016 Proposed National Budget, outlining the amount, budget priorities, and other details: Source: Read more

Why Massages Are Great For Your Mind and Body?

How do you know what style is right for an ailment you suffer? This infographic from Fix can help you navigate the symptoms, treatments and benefits of massage so treat yourself! Your mind and body deserve or need it. Read more

SONA 2015: The SONA Procedure Infographic

View this Presidential Communications Development & Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) infographic, which details the procedure and schedule of a SONA day. Source: Read more

Which is the Best Acne Treatment?

Find out the weirdest treatments in this infographic: Source: acnetreatments Read more

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation Infographic

You are probably aware of the health risks of not getting enough exercise or eating a nutritious diet, but what about the risks of not getting enough sleep? Here’s an infographic shows a breakdown of the dangers of sleep deprivation.... Read more

Fast Facts on INC (Iglesia ni Cristo) Infographic

The followers of Iglesia ni Cristo have grown to more than 2 million from its beginnings in 1914, with churches in more than 100 countries. This infographic shows some fast facts on INC. Source: abs-cbnnews Read more

Bird Problem and their Control Measures

Total Bird Control offers a preventive measures for bird damage to the surroundings. It includes bird netting, bird Spikes and bird trapping. Hire the qualified professionals for a human control measure. For more information, Call on 0345 017 0828 or... Read more

50 Productivity Tips To Boost Your Brainpower

This infographic shows 50 tips to boost your brainpower and get you so focused and motivated for those times when you’re not able to sneak away for a power nap. Source: themuse Read more

10 Ways To Rainproof Your Home

This year is expected to experience around 20 cyclones, which may put your home at risk while strong winds may cause debris to fly and hit structures, heavy rainfall may cause moisture build up, resulting into mold and bacteria formation.... Read more

Credit Rating Upgrade: What it means for Filipinos?

What a credit rating upgrade means for Filipinos? An investment grade is a seal of good housekeeping. It tells investors it is safe to do business in the country, and encourages them to put huge capital here. Source: rappler Read more

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