This infographic shows different responses that people have to breakups. Though these are the most common, they are the worst responses that someone can have who wants to get their ex back. These types of responses feel like the right thing to do but actually push away an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend even more and make a reunion or rekindling even less likely. Most of these responses are unobvious attempts by someone who has been dumped to force themselves back into a relationship with their ex even though these things are highly repulsive and don’t allow the ex to even consider getting back together because of how negative and awkward the dumped person has made things. Though it can be difficult, the message here is that giving someone you love space is more effective in terms of getting them back and shows maturity and dignity whereas the ways shown demonstrate selfishness and immaturity. People are often surprised to learn that leaving an ex alone is actually an effective way of re-attracting them whereas overwhelming them with your contact and presence, especially negative presence, will make getting back together more unlikely.

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Bad Responses to Getting Dumped

Infographic by just dumped