Torque Wrench is a most common hand tools for every mechanic which are used to get certain torque for nuts and bolts fastening work. Different types of Torque Wrench are available in market. So it is very difficult to sort out which one is the best for you and cheap. To make the job easier, we have made infographic. The infographic will help you to pick the right torque wrench. Every buyer should consider the following matters during make a purchase the Torque Wrench, Such as: Limit of applied torque(N-M), accuracy(+/- 4%), budget, griping facility of handle, visibility of scale etc.

How to choose the best Torque Wrench
Infographic by: Pick The Tools

In every automobile workshop, car owner, bicker need torque wrench everyday for their job. Without a torque wrench you didn’t get proper torque. As a result, the equipment or car or motorbike will get damaged/ failed any time. And also you may get injured. So, to get a long life of equipment we need torque wrench every day.


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