Dangerous Choice of Cities to Vacation-In

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A dream vacation in foreign climes is every leisure seekers fantasy. Enticing brochures and irresistible holiday offers promoting gorgeous vacation spots are galore and many a time unknowing travellers find themselves in rather ‘sticky’ situations, due to unstable situations surrounding some of the world’s most exotic cities. We have narrowed down the 10 most dangerous, read on and learn.

  1. Barquisimeto-Venezuela

Once a major tourist hub, the city has a little over a million inhabitants, unfortunately Barquisimeto records at least one murder a day. Home to many universities and faculties of higher education Barquisimeto is now sadly one of Venezuela’s most dangerous cities, avoided by many tourists.

  1. Peshawar-Pakistan

Pakistan on its own is a rather dangerous destination to travel to, with tribal wars and tussles of supremacy. Peshawar has seen lots of violence with suicide bombings and attacks on security forces. Definitely not safe for tourists Peshawar sadly, boasts impressive landmarks and gorgeous parks.

  1. Sana’a-Yemen
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Deemed as one of the world’s most dangerous cities Sana’a is also one of the most beautiful. Unluckily located in a politically unstable country, the old city of Sana’a is resplendent with gorgeous architecture from a bygone era.

  1. Acapulco-Mexico

A beautiful port-city Acapulco was once a tourist hub. However the gorgeous beaches are now deserted owing to drug-lords running the city, and dead bodies turning up almost daily. Not a pleasant experience when on vacation.

  1. Distrito Central-Honduras

Beautiful Distrito-Central is made up of three small cities unfortunately Distrito-Central exceeds the standard crime rate, with a maximum murder rate worldwide. Crime and violence are attributed to strong Mafia presence, poverty and corrupt government. Only the toughest travellers visit this city.

  1. Maceio-Brazil
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Tropical Brazil is home to 14 of the world’s most violent cities. Site of the mighty Amazon Jungle Brazil cannot guarantee your safety in many of its cities. Maceio is by far the worst with roughly 135 murders for every 100,000 residents! Not even the slums of Rio de Janeiro are this bad.

  1. Mogadishu-Somalia

The Shabaab Militants of Somalia have been plaguing Mogadishu for over a decade. Residents and tourists alike are in danger here. Despite military advice from the United States since 2013, Mogadishu is still a high risk city for its residents.

  1. Nairobi-Kenya

Beautiful Kenya sadly cannot guarantee tourist safety. Just one, of Nairobi’s conflicted cities Kenya especially is unsafe for women. Walking in the streets at night is high-risk. Al Shabaab Militants add to the danger. Not surprisingly Nairobi is not top priority on most tourists list of must visit cities.

  1. Chihuahua-Mexico
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Drug cartel problems plague most Mexican cities and Chihuahua is unfortunately located on the main Mexico-U.S cocaine smuggling route. Almost daily exchange of fire on the streets is not conducive to a relaxing holiday, no matter how gorgeous the tropical surroundings are.

10.    Cali-Colombia

Once again the drug cartels have spoilt another Latin American city. Reporting over 80 homicides on average the city is no popular tourist hub. In fact it is a risk to live here.

So there you have it, beautiful cities, great sightseeing and the highest risk of danger to tourists. Unless drastic changes take place these exotic destinations are best avoided. Remember, no holiday destination is worth risking your life.