If you are running an e-commerce business, reducing your carbon footprint might be the least of your priority. Unfortunately, if you haven’t made the switch to become a green e-commerce business, you have been missing a lot of benefits it has to offer.

Far from costing you more, going green actually improves your bottom line while developing your workplace culture at the same time. In fact, successful companies including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and WalMart to name a few have been attesting to the many advantages their move towards sustainability has been providing.

Helping your company become eco-friendly is a lot easier than you might think. An initiative as simple as utilizing sustainable, biodegradable packages can already cut your expenses in half.

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From implementing green initiatives to investing in green packaging, this infographic from Green Courier, a trusted courier service in London, will guide you through how you can make the switch into an eco-conscious e-commerce business.

How to Switch to an Eco-Friendly E-Commerce Business