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Gecko Pest Service

Services offered by Gecko Pest Control can be broadly divided into Resident, landlord and business services.

Resident services – The Chico area in California abounds with spiders and ants. For spiders, the Gecko Pest Control eliminates cobwebs while for ants; they are eliminated by removing their nests including the queens.

Gecko Pest Service

Landlord services – Landlord services include eliminating cockroaches and ants. To curb cockroaches, a technique called insect growth regulator or IGR is used. This technique prevents cockroaches from reaching the reproductive stage, so they cannot multiple quickly.

Since the Chico area abounds with ants, the solutions include eliminating the entire nest including the queen, so ants do not keep coming back in search of food.

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Business services – Business services include removing pigeons, squirrels and other rodents.  To remove pigeon infestation and possibility of defacing, all the voids, resting areas and landing areas are filled. Scare balloons and plastic snakes also help to scare the pigeons. The onus is on the occupant to ensure that no good or water is accessible to these pigeons.

Squirrels and other rodents can destroy the landscape by nibbling. To eliminate them, traps are used. Also, gutter guards and downspout covers help to remove hiding places for rodents. Entry points are sealed to ensure they don’t enter the premises.

Bugs have spread far and wide and their infestation can happen quickly, if they are not eliminated at the early stage itself. Stagnant water and debris are removed as they are the primary places for breeding. Organic and inorganic pest control solutions are used to eliminate existing bugs.

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Other rodents and pests can also be eliminated with the right techniques.

To know more about Gecko Pest Control and to get a personalized service, call (530) 342-3050 today.  You can also get a free estimate.


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