Corporate sectors across the world heavily rely on printing machines and copiers to properly take care of the necessary documents. Inside an office, a significant number of documents get printed or copied on a quotidian basis and as a result, it becomes extremely difficult to keep all those documents in an organised manner. This is where a decent print management service comes into play as it helps in organising the printed documents in such a way so that they can be accessed whenever required without much problem. As per the infographic of oxbowsa, a good print management system should provide the entities like office printers and multifunctional printers, copiers, facsimiles and scanners, ink, toner and similar accessories, necessary printing materials and timely maintenance services. Print management service also takes care of the factors like assessment of the existing devices, management and optimisation of output conditions, identifying defects, upgrading the existing infrastructure, etc. to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of an office.

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Hiring a Print Management Service in South Africa Infographic