History of eSports Development

Competitions based on computer games are becoming more and more popular all over the world, having long since passed first from the category of simple hobbies into the entertainment industry, and then into large international business. Over the past decade, it has been eSports that has become an attractive platform for large companies’ investments, and some eSportsmen can already be compared in terms of popularity and prizes with stars from the world of real sports.

History of eSports Development

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This form of sport competition is interesting to millions of people around the world. Its main advantage, in fact, can be considered accessibility. All you need to get into some eSports competitions is to have a good computer and an Internet connection. Of course, in order to achieve very good results, a few months will not be enough. Years of hard training over the development of logic and reaction speed is the key to success in this field.

The eSports industry is growing at a tremendous speed, with each year the human and financial resources involved in this area are becoming more and more. The speed of its development is amazing: twenty years ago, no one could even imagine that such a separate and independent field would exist, and moreover, billions of dollars would be in this sector. In order to understand why e-sports is developing so rapidly, you need to track its history from the formation of the market to the present day.

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