Data Recovery is the specialized service that is offered and the specific process that is applied when the data on the storage media is no longer accessible. This is usually due to some kind of physical, logical or electronic-mechanical damage that the particular storage medium has suffered. The different types of storage media are Hard Disk Drives, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Servers Databases, RAID Systems,

A frequent question of users is which storage media are more reliable to prevent possible loss of data. The answer is that how reliable or not some storage media is of no importance, especially in cases where we have to deal with serious mechanical or electronic damage. It is something that can happen at any time on any storage medium. Typical examples are file retrieval from an SD memory card.

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In addition to these common problems that storage media may present, there are several other reasons why data on a storage medium may become inaccessible. For example, deleting files from negligence or even from expediency. Therefore, when normal data access methods fail, Data Recovery is the process we use to enable users to access their valuable data again.

How Data Recovery Works