How To Be More Productive

How To Be More Productive

Are you struggling with being productive at work?

Then you are not alone. 

Do you know that more than 13% of employers are not engaged while at work and over $300bn is lost annually due to workplace stress?

If you are in this boat, then you will need to check out this infographic.

According to this infographic, 

  • 51% of employee reported not feeling engaged at work while only 13% of employee feel engaged at work
  • 62% of employees have called in sick due to stress
  • 53% of employees are unhappy at work

5 Top Reasons Why Productivity Is Low in the Workplace

If you are wondering why productivity is low in the workplace, here are the 5 Top reasons for low productivity in the workplace

  1. Lack of adequate training
  2. Poor onboarding 
  3. Ineffective Management and supervision
  4. Workplace Stress
  5. Lack of recognition
  6. Micromanagement of employee
How To Be More Productive
Infographic by: My Job Mag

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