This infographic is provided by Pest Control Toronto. Toronto experiences an influx of pest every time the weather gets warmer during spring and summer. The following are six common pests affect the residents of Toronto, their health risks and how to get rid of them.

Bed bugs

They are flightless insects notorious for sucking blood in our beds while we sleep. They are passed on through infected objects from one location to another.

How to prevent bed bugs:

  • Hire a professional pest control service
  • Inspect all packages that come into your home
  • Ensure your home is always clean
  • Wash dry infected bedding and clothing.
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They have two central nervous systems which make helps them adapt to touch conditions. They only require water, warmth, a dark and damp place for breeding. 

How to prevent cockroaches:

  • Consult the services of a pest control company
  • Secure all food sources in containers with lids.
  • Ensure your kitchen is clean and dry


Ants live in colonies and invade your home, looking for foods rich in protein and starch. They are known to cause damage to structures and will contaminate food with illness-causing germs. 

How to prevent ants:

  • Ensure all garbage bins and bags are sealed
  • Hire a professional pest removal expert
  • Avoid leaving leftovers outside
  • Check your property for openings and entry points
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House Flies

These disease-causing flying insects are common in garbage piles and compost. They carry infectious bacteria in their stomach and are responsible for up to 65 diseases affecting humans.

How to prevent house flies

  • Hire a pest control service
  • Regularly clean your surfaces
  • Seal entry points and openings
  • Secure food sources in airtight containers


Rodents such as mice are not only a danger to your structures but also your health. Rodents are known to spread diseases through bites and droppings they leave behind.

How to prevent rodents:

  • Hire a professional pest removal service
  • Seal and secure potential openings and entry points
  • Declutter and clean your home regularly
  • Avoid leaving leftovers or pet food outside
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Wasps are aggressive outdoor garden insects that are known to inflict a deadly allergic sting. They are common in Toronto during spring and summer.

How to prevent Wasps:

  • Consult the services of a professional pest removal service
  • Check your property for potential entry points
  • Clean and declutter your home
  • Seal all openings including windows and doors