Road To Home Ownership

Road To Home Ownership

1. Find an Experienced Local Realtor

2. Consult With a Lender

  • Discuss Budget
  • Obtain a Preapproval Letter

3. Discuss Needs/Wants With Realtor

4. Select Properties To Look At

Should be based on Budget+Needs+Wants = Perfect Home

(When You Find The Home of Your Dreams)

5. Time To Put in An Offer

  • Always review market data for price analysis
  • Double check with your lender
  • Review all documents including disclosures/ inspections
  • Earnest money due
  • Decide on a closing date
  • Sign & Submit offer to seller/ seller’s agent

6. Negotiating (Sometimes Playing Hard Ball)

  • You have options, talk with your realtor about closing fees, repairs, closing date.
  • This is the time to discuss your deal breakers and features that could sweeten the purchase

7. The Contract

  • Attorney will review
  • Review all inspection reports
  • Financially committing
  • Title work begins

8. Loan Processing

  • Sign all documents, finalizing your application
  • Get loan disclosures
  • Appraisal
  • Set up insurance
  • Receive the mortgage commitment
  • Review the closing disclosure

9. Closing On Your Home- The Day is Finally Here!

  • Must have photo ID
  • Funds need to be present either check or wire
  • Setup utilities, perform a final walk-through
  • Get the keys to your new home!

10. Post-Closing

Move in- and enjoy your new house!

Road To Home Ownership

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