Safe Deposit Box: Sizes, Prices & Other Details

Safe deposit boxes are one of the safest ways to secure valuables such as gold jewellery, important papers, bullion investment, heirloom artefacts and other sentimental objects. When such valuable things are kept at home, they are vulnerable to theft or fire. They might also be misplaced or destroyed, making it crucial to rent a safe deposit box.

Safety deposit boxes are rectangular containers that are normally held in specialised vaults with tight security in various banks or private centres. They may be rented to keep your precious things safe.

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Two keys are required to open a locker. The renter receives one key, whilst the other is held in the safe deposit facility. The locker will not open until both keys have been used sequentially. Some safe deposit lockers in London have a biometric mechanism that allows users to get access only if their thumb or finger impressions match. 

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What you can keep in a safety deposit box?

A safe deposit locker is ideal to keep your valuables but it is prohibited to keep weapons or food items in the box. Things that you can keep in the safety deposit box include gold and diamond jewellery, crucial documents, gold or silver bullion bars and coins, a copy of your will, property papers, heirloom items, stamp collections and other collectables.

Make sure that anything you will not need urgently is kept in the box but don’t keep anything that you will require frequently.

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Safe deposit lockers are only accessible during specific hours known as locker operation hours. A

renter can use their storage box only after completing the necessary documentation, including signing the register. The officer will next escort you to your safety deposit box, which is housed in a very secure vault.

After that, he will put in the first key and then you must use your key, and the locker will unlock. You can access your locker in complete privacy, placing any precious objects in the safety locker or removing them if required. 

Go through the infographic below to know what all safe deposit box sizes are available.

Safe Deposit Box Infographic


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