Most people haven’t yet realized… 

Technology is AS MUCH a competitive advantage for individuals as it is for businesses. 

Take the Oura Ring, for example. It’s a smart ring device enabling millions of people to optimize their sleep. Helping them to use rest to power their success. 

You see, the future will be led by individuals who work with tech to achieve new levels of health, wealth, and free time. (I refer to this progression as Personal Development 2.0.) 

To bridge the knowledge gap—between innovative people and the insights of life-changing technology—I’ve created the Superhuman Trends Report.

The first-annual report (it’s free) features 6 tech insights that redefine the future of self-improvement. This infographic provides an executive summary of these 6 tech trends of the year for 2022. Enjoy.

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Superhuman Trends: 2022 Tech Trends of the Year for Personal Development

Source: System Sunday