Various strategies have been devised to protect and transfer personal data securely. However, as technology and communications advance and information management systems become more and more common, protecting data has become a serious challenge. Today, one of the biggest security issues faced by companies from around the world is the danger of a data breach.

Weak passwords are often the cause of a data breach, as it can be easy to decode an easy password. The theft or loss of a corporate asset may also lead to a data breach. Poorly designed networks and software applications that are poorly written may also lead to a data breach, as hackers enjoy exploiting such glaring issues for personal or financial gain.

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Malware threats and phishing attacks may also lead to a data breach in some instances. A device that carries copious amounts of personal data can also be stolen physically in some cases, albeit this tends to be a rare occurrence. In some cases, an insider attack can lead to a data breach. For instance, a former employee who has become disgruntled may decide to get revenge by stealing data in order to share company intel with a competitor.


Source: Optimum Security