Kick up your heels without kicking up a fuss with our handy hints on how to host and enjoy it too! Enjoying beautiful days and balmy nights with our nearest and dearest is one of the great joys, but so often, entertaining means being banished to the kitchen while others enjoy your spoils.

But with our simple planning tips, you can be the host with the most, and ensure you have some time to enjoy yourself too!

The summer sun and warm company is all the heat you’ll need, so why not sack the stove and instead prepare some ready to serve hors d’oeuvres, straight from the fridge, no cooking required!

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‘Meat’ and greet your guests with a charcuterie board, kick back under a canopy with some ready to go canapés, then chill out as you indulge them with some pre-prepared chilled desserts. 

Stock up on ice and ensure the drinks fridge is well stocked ahead of time too, and let the conversations and drinks flow freely. 

As your grateful guests are enjoying your perfectly planned party, don’t let the uninvited guests spoil the occasion. Summer is the favourite month for bugs and mosquitoes.

Keep those unwanted party pests at bay by having the insect repellent on hand, light some citronella coils or candles, and cover up your catering with netting. Always remember too to keep good food hygiene practices, don’t leave dishes out for too long, and serve your food in a well shaded area out of direct sunlight.

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With our handy infographic of tips and tricks on how to prepare the perfect get together, the only finger you’ll lift will be a thumbs up to your impressed guests, who will be able to not only enjoy your great hospitality, but your great company too!

Tips to Spend More Time with Guests When Entertaining