Go karting is a fun and adrenaline packed activity; ideal as a day out for kids, adults, or even for corporate groups and parties. Modern karts can reach speeds of up to 45mph, while the best designed tracks have ample overtaking opportunities as well as tight complexes and corners. Both indoor and outdoor karting tracks exist, and while outdoor tracks tend to have longer straights, it is indoor tracks that provide drifting corners and require technical driving capabilities. While experience certainly helps improve track times, go karting experience also offers a number of surprising health benefits to the participant.


The better your reflexes, the better you will be able to quickly react to racing conditions. Whether you need to readjust your driving line, perform an overtaking manoeuvre, or avoid a bump, it is the speed of your reflexes that will determine how effective you can pull off these moves. By getting behind the wheel and enjoying karting, you can improve your reflexes which will also benefit other areas of your life. Better reflexes can improve driving and even improve your sports performance.

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Go karting causes the adrenal glands to create and push adrenaline around the body. Adrenaline sharpens senses and speeds up decision making. It also makes you alert, and while your adrenaline level will drop again a few hours after you finish your go karting session, the more often you participate, the more alert you will become. Mental alertness is important in many aspects of life, and it can even lead to you making better decisions in your work life.

Increased Oxygen Flow

The flow of adrenaline also helps to push oxygen around the body. Blood vessels dilate and oxygen flows to other cells in the body. You will experience increased energy levels and it can even improve the healthy glow of your skin.

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This infographic from Capital Karts explains some of the health benefits that you can enjoy when you experience go karting at their track; the longest indoor karting track in the UK.

Top Health Benefits Of Go Karting