The U.S. has long been at the forefront of defense, but the rise of the Internet age creates serious challenges for the security of our digital information.

That’s partly why AIS exists — to help protect the digital information of our clients. In a world where digital security breaches are just as intrusive and damaging as physical security breaches, companies like AIS are needed to properly store and protect all those vital bits and bytes that we need for day-to-day life in business and personal matters.

The infographic below examines which U.S. states have the most public records for miscellaneous security breaches, revealing what areas are most at risk. With California leading the pack in most breaches, it’s safe to say that network security and disaster recovery are two important areas all Golden State businesses should cover, ASAP.

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But don’t worry — we’re on it. While AIS is busy at work, please enjoy our infographic!

 Infographic by: AIS