Stainless steel has become one of the main manufacturing components in a wide variety of industries. A large variety of stainless steel components like stainless steel ornamental tubing, buttweld fittings, valves and pipes are extensively used for residential and commercial purposes. The ornamental tubing comes in round, rectangular and square shapes. These are mainly for decorative purposes. The buttweld fittings are usually 90° or 45° and its variants include End caps, Elbows, Reducing Tees and so on. The valves function as the regulator of flow of liquid through the pipes. Every piping system consists of them and the types include one piece ball valves and three piece ball valves. Different types of stainless steel sections are used based on their requirements—Hexagonal bar, Round bar, Angles, Hollow bar etc. The stainless steel pipes are most commonly used in households and offices and need no introduction. For more information, visit the eurosteel.

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Use of Stainless Steel in the Industries Infographic