What Is the Best Office Chair?

Having an issue while sitting on your chair for long hours of work?

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair will slow down your progress and give you a lot of problems like pain, sweating, etc.

A good chair can make your job easy and comfortable, but the question arises how much does a good quality chair cost? Well, we all know the good ergonomic chair is around $400 to $800.

After a long hour of research, we have found some best budget office chairs to save your time and effect.

You can check our infographic of the best office chair under $200.

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Features to look in an ergonomic chair

Well, there is a number of features you can find in a good ergonomic chair. It all depends on the brand you have selected and your budget.

Here we will discuss some important features you need in your office/home chair.

Height adjustable

An ergonomic chair can give you a benefit of adjusting height so you can place your feet flat on the ground.

Back and Neck Support

The backrest is another essential feature you can find in an ergonomic chair. It allows you to adjust your backrest position according to your spine position.

Armrest support

If you are a long hour sitter on a chair, you should need armrest support in your chair. It can relax your upper body and reduce tension from your shoulder.

Chair wheel

If you are working in a place where the ground surface is hard, go for a soft rubber wheel. It will help you to move to your place and navigate better.


A good brand always uses good quality leather material on a chair, so it can help users not to sweating and reduce their back pain.

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Best office chair under $500

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