Why Mivan Construction Technology?

Mivan Technology or Mivan Construction might be seems like a new word for you right? Ya this is one of the upcoming construction technology in real estates which originated in Europe but now its one of the widely used technology in the world and its rapidly increasing its presence in the world. Construction Technology has evolved periodically right from the conventional method of bricks and mortor systems to the today technique whether. The stages of Mivan Technology is listed below.

Why Mivan Construction Technology?

Pre Construction – During this phase in situ actions are done such as beams, walls, stairways, pillars, etc…

During Construction – First the shutters are covered around the grid of steel rods which are bonded together.

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Post Construction – After the setting period which is allocated to hardening of the concrete is completed the shutters are removed carefully without making much damage to existing structure.

Later the components used is cleaned which can be reused for more details about the method check the Blog Link.


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