Your Ultimate Shoe Guide: 24 Types of Shoes

Women’s shoes comes in all styles, shapes, colors and sizes. For this reason, you can’t blame them for having too many shoes and having a new pair for every special occasions in their life. However, while shoe shopping seems to be a stress-free task, for most women, it’s actually a time where they’re most indecisive–thanks to the seemingly endless options to choose from.

Good thing, shopping for a new pair of shoes doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you know exactly what style you are looking for. With a little preparation and a research about the popular styles today, you can ensure that you’re ready for whatever situation life will throw at you, knowing that you have the perfect shoes at your disposal.

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In this infographic, Janylin Shoes brings you 24 of the most popular women’s shoe styles today with some few tips on which outfits go well with them.