2016 was a truly intense year for politicians, college professors, editors and even for presidents! There was a real domino effect for plagiarism scandals on the media.

Have you ever imagined that even the originality of well-known ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was brought under suspicion?

Folks from Unplag prepared for you a list of the most famous plagiarism stories that still bother a lot of people. Everyone who is involved in these scandals are famous, well-known and – most of them – are rich. But that didn’t save them from the media coverage of their plagiarism cases.

Just have a look at them, and ask yourself: should you choose the easy way of imitation and copy-paste, or stay original no matter what happens in your life?

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Plagiarism Scandals That Blow Up the Media

Infographic courtesy of Unplag plagiarism checker. Original source: Unplag