Despite living in a technological age, many Filipinos still live their daily lives with the guidance of superstitions. These include folk beliefs surrounding funerals and wakes. Superstitions provide an interesting way for Filipinos to show respect and connect with older relatives during these solemn occasions. Some people follow these folk beliefs out of tradition, simply to stay in good graces with other mourners. Others genuinely want to avoid bringing more bad luck and misery to the bereaved family.

Several Filipino superstitions during funerals and wakes are still widely practiced until today. You’ve probably heard of mourners covering mirrors, neglecting to sweep floors, and advising guests against wearing red. However, there are also many superstitions that most people have already forgotten about. For one, did you know that widows aren’t supposed to join the funeral procession, or that family members aren’t allowed to carry the casket? There’s also a superstition related to funeral flowers!

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Since the bereaved family is already going through a hard time, you’ll want to express sympathies while remaining respectful. It helps to know about the possible superstitions that the family may be following. To get you started, here’s a list of 40 Filipino superstitions that you need to know during funerals and wakes.

40 Filipino Superstitions that You Need to Know during Funerals and Wakes Infographics