You’ve mowed the grass, pruned the shrubs, or rearranged the lawn furniture, and your neighbour has watched you do this out of their window.  Time for some privacy? Then you need some privacy screens installed. Have you considered installing a decorative screen? You’ll find all kinds of screens to match any property, but if you want something classy, sustainable, and versatile, timber screens may be just what you’re looking for.

There are countless varieties of timber privacy screens available today. You can choose from several types of timber, like merbau and kempas, as well as different finishes that range from clear to reddish mahogany. Aside from that, though, you’ll be surprised to find out all the ways you can install these screens in your property. They can add height and privacy to an existing fence, provide some shade while letting gentle breezes through, or demarcate an outdoor kitchen. It helps that timber itself is an organic material, so it will blend into your garden and automatically lend warmth and texture.

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Thinking of getting a timber screen yourself? You’ll want to take a look at this infographic, which lists 8 creative ways you can use these screens in your garden. This handy guide includes expert tips and suggestions to make the most of your stylish new purchase.

8 Creative Ways to Use Timber Screens in Your Garden