He had a white fluffy beard long before it became a must-have attribute for lumberjackers. His ho-ho-ho filler word makes everyone smile. Nevertheless, he is slightly overweight, women keep saying “He is pleasantly plump!” Who do you think it could be? Sure, you are right. It’s our beloved Santa Claus. This never-tiring man has decided to entertain his hardworking team of elves and extremely supportive Mrs. Claus. How? The folks at Unplag know the answer and will reveal this secret in the last passage.

Time flies and our lives change fast. So does Mr. Claus. For hundred years he has been following the established traditions and a chimney-trip to your dwellings is no longer stressful for him. Santa still adores his wife, elves, reindeer and all well-behaved kids. However now his routines are not the same as let’s say in 90’s.

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Hardly all of you know, that Santa’s work is not only about magic things that happen without much effort. He often burns the midnight oil to get all presents ready. Much time is usually spent drawing a list of those who really deserve them. That’s the reason why Santa started using social media so actively. By looking through tones of profiles, he has far more chances to stay on track.

While searching for good kids, Santa came across a number of super popular accounts. Some of them belonged to politicians, others – to actors, fashion designer, singers… This is when he was struck with an idea to arrange a quiz for you and all Santa family. He dressed up as some of the most renowned people did in 2016 and took 9 photos. The Unplag team was exclusively given the right to distribute the Santa selfies. Just take a look at them below. Can you say who Santa reminds you of on each pic?

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Unexpected changes is the style of Santa Claus: He will never be the same!

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