It is a good era for marketers. Thanks to social media, marketing has now gone beyond traditional media and become more capable of reaching out to more and more audiences. Along with the increasing prominence of social media is the rise of modern day influencers who are making their names in these latest technology platforms.

Social media is all about creating and sharing. Because of its nature, it has also become a way for some people to get attention and gain fame–hence the existence of social media influencers.

These  influencers hold their own fan bases that listen and anticipate their content. Through them, marketers have opened a window of opportunity to stretch their audience reach without costing much effort and money.

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To guide you about social media influencers and know who is right for your marketing campaign, here’s a comprehensive infographic from M2Social, one of the reputable digital advertising agencies in the Philippines, that shows you 9 types of social media influencers.