A History Lesson: Grantham Was Designed for Military Students

We’re proud to support military students nationwide

Since the Continental Army, Navy, and Marines were founded in 1775, Americans have been serving their country through military service. Grantham University is proud to help honor this tradition by supporting our military and veteran students as they pursue the next chapter of their lives.

In 1951, the Korean War was underway, and hundreds of thousands of World War II veterans were still in the process of transitioning to civilian life. Many Americans who had served their country were trying to figure out how to translate their military experience and skills into a career back home—and how to take advantage of the education benefits provided by the G.I. Bill of Rights.

Donald Grantham, himself a World War II veteran, understood just how powerful those education benefits could be and made it his mission to help other veterans transform their lives through school. Mr. Grantham began using his background in engineering to offer radio license certification courses for veterans. Grantham Radio License School was founded in 1951 and the Grantham tradition of serving veterans and active-duty service members was born!

A History Lesson: Grantham Was Designed for Military Students

Career Services
In addition to helping students polish their resume and learn job search skills, Grantham’s Career Services team supports veteran and active-duty military students in learning how to grow their network and to translate their military experience into selling points for a civilian career. From participating in mock interviews to outlining career goals, the Career Services team is eager to help students and alumni alike succeed in their chosen fields.

Ready to leverage your military experience to prepare for a civilian career? Contact us to learn more about how to get started.


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