American Barbecue Styles by Regions

For centuries, Americans have celebrated Independence day in the same, or at least a fairly similar manner: with grand exhibition of fireworks, scenery decorated in patriotic colors and mouth-watering feast. If we were to look at the modern-day festival, not much has changed other than the extravagance of celebration and an abundance of food served.

Namely, around 150,000,000 hot dogs are consumed on the 4th of July each year; more than 700 million pounds of chicken are purchased just for this special occasion, alongside 190 million pounds of red meat.

A lot has happened since the very first celebration held in Bristol, Rhode Island. Since that day, took exactly 85 years for an Independence Day to become a national holiday – and that is when every single American started adding their personal touch to the celebration.

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That is how we ended up with unique festive practices – depending on the state, you are going to see people collecting diverse firewood, preparing different meat and mixing special sauces to accompany the main course.

For more info, check out the infographic we’ve prepared for you:

American Barbecue Styles by Regions

Infographic source: BBQ Styles by Region


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