Apps vs. SMS/Text Message Marketing for Business

Today, people are married to their cell phones and mobile devices. The average user checks their device 110 times per day, regardless of it ringing or signalling an alert. Perhaps not surprisingly, our cell phones never leave our sides either – studies show that most people have their phone within arms’ reach 14 hours out of every day. For teens, that number jumps to 24 hours out of every day.

Not surprisingly therefore, marketers are attempting to attempting to reach out and market to this people on their cell phones, where they’re most engaged.

The question is… how? By using mobile apps, which require a smartphone, an internet data plan (which can be expensive) and an additional action that must be taken on the part of the end-user (i.e., downloading and installing the app)? Or by using simple text messaging (also known as SMS)? The statistics reveal a clear and stark answer… text messaging. It’s a simple, cheap and comfortable technology that your audience uses daily… and prefers as their mobile channel.

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Apps vs. SMS/Text Message Marketing for Business

Infographic by SMS Gateway Service


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