Coffee drinkers usually have certain preferences about the type of coffee they like and how they like it prepared and served. Some of them drink coffee black and strong in the morning, while others prefer softer and sweet coffee drinks that almost taste like dessert. It seems people can’t get creative enough when it comes to coffee drinking styles. While we like to drink our coffee a certain way when we are at home or work, it is interesting to observe and follow different coffee drinking traditions while traveling. For example, you’ll find that people drink coffee differently in Ethiopia, in Spain and in the United States.

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The following infographic will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to drink coffee in eight different countries that have unique coffee drinking and serving rituals. Learn when and how to drink your favorite beverage in Spain, France, Vietnam and several other countries, and find out what else you didn’t know about acceptable coffee etiquette around the world.
Coffee Etiquette Around the World
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