In America, most of the retail giants are still using plastic grocery bags for almost every sell that they get in their stores. Many Birds and marine animals often mistake plastic grocery bags with food and fill their stomach with this toxic debris. Almost 100,000 marine animals are killed annually by the disposal of plastic bags in sea.

To manufacture 100 billion plastic bags, it uses about 12 Million Barrels of oil and a single plastic bag takes about 500 years to decompose. With so many harmful effects of plastic bags on the environment, it is a must to switch to the best reusable cotton grocery bags. By switching to reusable cotton bags, one can save the environment from getting polluted by plastic bags.

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Cotton Grocery Bags are biodegradable and made from the natural fabrics that get easily decompose and create zero waste. Cotton bags are also known as best bags because of their recyclable properties. They rarely end up in landfills.

You can easily customize cotton grocery bags as they can be printed, embroidered and sewed in any shape depending on your needs.

Apart from that, cotton bags are much light-weighted in comparison of plastic grocery bags. Also, you can easily carry them for shopping as they are capable of carrying far more weight than plastic bags.

Here is a detailed informatic visual designed by Organic Cotton Mart to give us a better and environment-friendly alternative to carry our grocery items.

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reusable cotton grocery produce bags

Source:Organic Cotton Mart