Native Trees To The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is known for its green expanses of land; its respect to ancient woodlands and native tree species and giving protection rights to particular areas via groups like the National and Woodland Trusts.

Below is a list of some of the UK’s native tree species:

A dark and rugged species, the alder tree is widespread throughout the UK, nearly always found near streams, rivers and lakes.

Alder Buckthorn:
Different altogether from the Alder Tree, despite the similar names alder buckthorn is another native tree species, it is identified as Alder Buckthorn as it grows near the Alder tree. It can, therefore, be found near wet areas mostly in the Midlands and South of England.

Particularly common on limestone rocks, the Ash Tree grows throughout the British Isles. Ash is a strong wood and preferred to other timber for hockey sticks, axes, hammers, and such.

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A poplar tree, the Aspen species is found near water most commonly in the North, being a vigorous species in Scotland.

Native only to Southern England, the Beech can be identified by its smooth silver bark.

Birch (Downy) & Birch (Silver):
A deciduous species these Birches differ mostly in their twigs and leaves. You can find Birches throughout the British Isles.

Cherry (Bird & Wild):
Felt by some as the most attractive trees of the UK with their beautiful smelling flowers, the Cherry Tree (Bird) is native to the north of England & Europe as well as Asia. The Wild Cherry is native throughout Europe & the UK, but less seen in the North.

Crabapple is usually spotted in hedgerows throughout the country, in well-drained soil.

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Found in the lowlands of the British Isles, common Elm is often known as the ‘field-elm’.

The most typical small species across much of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales the Hawthorn is a resilient tree well known for its use to keep in cattle in the 16-1900s

A single-stemmed tree, the common Hazel tree can be found all across the British Isles.

Well-known for its use at Christmas time, the prickly Holly grows across the UK, with its larger populations in oak and beech woodland.

Once widespread across the UK, Juniper now is most common in the Scottish Highlands.

The different types of Maple Tree grow in fields, gardens and chalk land throughout the UK.

Oak exists throughout the UK, preferring cooler climates. Oak is many people’s favourite tree species.

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Planted in gardens and estates for decoration, different types of Willow are common across the UK.

The above list demonstrates the species you are likely to come across when travelling through the UK. They are and have been used for many different types of work and art throughout the Uk’s history and are still widely respected and used today.

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Different Types of Trees in the UK