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DIY Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Guide

You can completely revamp the look of the kitchen by the process known as cabinet refacing. Cabinets refacing is a replacement of the skins changing the doors and drawer and put in application new veneers over the existing surface. It costs less than cabinet replacement. Interestingly, it gives the look of a new kitchen for about half of the cost of new cabinets. The hardware- drawers, hinges, pull are standardly replaced during refacing.

If you want to experiment with your personal spin on the design then cabinet refacing is an ideal option.

Homeowners opt for replacing the old glass cabinets when the existing ones are in bad condition. Consider a replacement if you require more cabinet space. Followers of cabinets refacing claims that this Lil makeover can give your kitchen a whole new look than installing new cabinets.

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Refacing is an ideal option for the following reasons

  • Convenience
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Green and sustainability
  • Highly customisable

Embellish your newly refaced cabinets by adorning and decorating with accessories such as custom gondola shelving, interior cabinets lighting and under cabinet accessories. This will enhance your kitchen’s cabinet functionality. Many times, simplest things can make all the difference. Just desiring a subtle change in kitchen scenery. You can install edgy hard ware such as silver knob pulls, drawer pulls or hinges. Refacing is indeed the easiest kitchen makeover yet.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Guide


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