Earth Day is a fantastic annual event celebrated by people all around the world, through the participation of numerous events that demonstrate support for environment protection. Thus, this is the season for travellers to celebrate Earth Day by reiterating their holiday plans to something unique, interesting and fascinating.

Reuse, Recycle & Restore - Earth Day

Earth Day – An infographic by the team at Travel Center UK

Take some time off, leave the vibrant city life, the high-rise buildings and the polluted atmosphere to experience peaceful and amazing holidays in pristine environments all around the world. It is time for you to book Earth-friendly getaways and be lost amidst the extraordinary natural wonders which this beautiful planet shares with you!

The infographics provide a list of opportunities which are well worth considering for your next Earth-friendly getaway – from WWOOF-ing in organic farms to cycling around the world!

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If you are looking for a way to serve the planet and learn the whole story behind the rice and vegetables you eat, it is time for you to become a WWOOF-er. Make use of these “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” where you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to lend your hand at a farm you wish to visit, in exchange for free food and lodging. This offers a perfect opportunity to travel for free while you deepen your knowledge on the ropes of agriculture.

If you are not much into farming, worry no further – there are ample Earth-friendly getaways catering to every traveller’s needs. You may choose to stay at the fascinating eco-friendly Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji – where the resort’s beach serves to be a protected marine reserve. Relax on the soothing beaches while you indulge in juicy organic fruits and coconuts which the resort serves you with. Truly an outstanding experience!

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Is adventure on your bucket list? Join the Tour d’Afrique to cycle your way throughout the continent of Africa from north to south – through the fascinating rivers, deserts, waterfalls and wildlife or experience the life on a Kruger eco-reserve camp where you can hear lions and hyenas while you sleep. Volunteer at the world’s most outstanding National Park where you’d help in counting wild animals, restoring dams and clearing bush.

The opportunities for Earth-Friendly getaways are in abundance – join the Costa Rica’s Certification for Sustainable Tourist program where you lodge at a hotel nuzzled on an organic coffee plantation and pick your own Costa-Rican coffee or join the tour “Cycle of the Vineyards” outside Perth, Australia to experience one of many agriculture-based bike tours around the world. You could also choose to bathe in Austria’s Rogner Bad Blumau spa which is hailed as the world’s largest liveable work of art or snorkel in the tiny oasis off the coast of Zanzibar, the Chumbe Island.

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Make use of these amazing opportunities to both travel and serve the planet! Talk to your travel agents in London like Travel Center UK who will assist you in booking the ideal Earth-friendly getaway!