Imagine a bowl of salad consisting of your favorite greens but, with a twist that comes in the form of bright yellow flowers or some sort of petals you didn’t know are safe to eat until now.

Although the idea of eating flowers may seem unfamiliar and odd to you, the practice of using blooms for culinary purposes actually dates back to the ancient Chinese and other cultures, being used to add a hint of color and flavor to their recipes in such an interesting way.

Flowers are simply too beautiful and not eating them may seem a little disrespectful to their grandeur. The next time you are making your favorite dish, why not try incorporating some petals into them? If you’re curious to know exactly which flowers to add to your ingredients, this infographic from Flower Patch, a flower shop that offers same-day flower delivery in Metro Manila, lists 15 edible flowers that you.

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Edible Flowers: 15 Blooms that You Can Eat