You know the real value of your property. The property market is full of local agents and they can mislead you. So, you should know the factors that influence the price of the property so that you can bargain with your buyers. Let’s see some factors that may be plus points for you.

  1. Location: If the location of your property near the city center, public transport, educational institution, you can demand a higher price for your property. Property that is near to the commercial or industrial area is good for the business person.
  2. Age and Condition: The newer the home, the higher the price of the property. As a buyer, you should check the electricity supply, the water supply, and the other important factors. 
  3. Usable space of the House: The available space in the home property is another good plus point to demand the high price. The buyers also agree to pay a high amount if the property has enough space.
  4. The Economic Condition of the Country: The economic condition of the house is another factor that influences the Property Affordability Index. Buyers can’t demand a higher price if the GDP rate of the country is stable or negative.
  5. Local Market Position: If you are trying to sell your property, you may hear the words “ buyers market”. Yes. Most of the property selling is influenced by buyers. A lot of local agents work in these sectors and they are alien to one another. Regardless of the location, the condition of the house, and available space in your home, you can’t get your expected price of the property in the buyer influence market.
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Do you want to know the easiest way to buy, sell, or rent the property? Life has become easy with the touch of technology. You can now find a property in your area with real estate search portal. You just need to input the area or zip code and you will see lots of attractive properties with all necessary information. Some real estate search  portal like such as Thailand Housing Market has developed app for finding property more easily.

Factors affecting the Price of Properties or Home