Youngsters love to ride skateboard and competes with each other in skateboarding. But some do not know how to ride a skateboard. This Skateboard Infographic tells you about the how to do skateboarding for beginners. It tells you that if you want to learn skateboard from beginning, then you should follow these simple & little ways which helps you to learn skateboarding perfectly. But make sure to wear proper safety equipments like helmet, pads, knee gloves etc. which prevents to get injured by falling from skateboard, before you practice to learn skateboard.

The very first step in learning skateboard is practicing falling from the skateboard. You can practice how to fall from the speedy skateboard, so that you will not get injured.

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This Skateboard infographic explains all the steps which are important to learn before skateboarding like standing on the skateboard, pushing yourself, flexing your ankles, switching your legs on skateboard, stopping the skateboard etc.< You can also take the help of some expert or any elder person than you, who can help you in standing on the skateboard or help you in learning skateboard. Choose the right skateboard for you and keep riding your skateboard. Skateboard Infographic