Clothes are meant to make people comfortable and present themselves in a certain way. It is also a way how people to express their personalities. Thus, just buying trendy dresses from retail shops isn’t enough.

Your clothing needs to fit and compliment your body type. We, humans, get self-confidence with how we look and clothing is a major contributor to that. Although high street women’s clothing stores like Diva Boutiques have huge inclusivity nowadays, it’s the people who are unaware of what looks good on their bodies.

Part of it is also because they don’t know their body type.

To help all you women out there, we have a simple three-step process that will determine your body type.

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Step 1

Find a full-length mirror and stand there with just your undergarments.

Step 2

Now it’s time to take the measurements. Measure your bust, waist and hips. Ask someone to take the measurement of your shoulders.

Step 3

Based on the measurements, you will most likely have:

  • Apple-shaped body- This is where your shoulder is smaller than your bust, waist and hips. Your hands will also be thinner than your thighs. Your shoulders and hands are your best assets. Wearing flared bottoms will help to accentuate your figures.
  • Hourglass-shaped body- You have a proportioned body which means your hips and busts are almost equal with a narrow waist. Anything that accentuates your waist is great. Don’t wear long tops, those can make you look shorter.
  • Pear-shaped body- You have a naturally defined waistline. Your shoulders and busts are smaller than your hips. Don’t wear dresses that have too much on the shoulders. Skinny jeans and crop tops will accentuate your hips!
  • Rectangle-shaped body- For you, your shoulders and hips are almost the same size. As you don’t have a proper waistline, focus on creating that with belts, jackets that end right at the hips. Wearing sexy animal print maxi dresses with belts will give you an hourglass effect.
  • Inverted-triangle shaped body- Your shoulders are broader than your hips and waist. Your body follows a ‘V’ as it goes down so that the main focus is to divert attention to the hips. Flared bottoms and dresses are your best friend.
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To know more fashion tips for your body, scroll down below!

How to Dress According to your Body Type?