The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has impacted all industries and enterprises across the globe. With a global shutdown of operations and services, businesses are dealing with the challenge of maintaining business continuity.

However, advances in technology have made it considerably easier for businesses to migrate to the cloud and work remotely.

No commute time, No office chaos, No petty chitchats!!! Despite remote working getting popularity, it still comes with a lot of challenges for the enterprises as well the employees.

A report by the United Nations International Labor Organization says that while employees are more productive outside a conventional office, they are also more vulnerable to working extra hours, face work-home interferences, and higher stress.

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With the innumerable benefits of telecommuting, you just need to know the right strategies to work from home.

In this infographic, we will take a look at 13 tips that are useful while remote working. Check out this infographic for valuable insights.

How To Work From Home: 13 Tips For Telecommuting

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