Bamboo has long been used as a material in the furniture industry for a myriad of reasons. It has the ability to grow to as much as three feet a day which means it grows faster and can be harvested sooner than hardwood trees.

A perennial grass by nature, bamboo is also recognized for its durability and strength. In fact, it is even harder and more resilient than oak, a gold standard for the hardwood furniture. All these reasons make bamboo the most sustainable natural resource for a variety of purposes – an ideal material for those who wish to switch into sustainable living to reduce their carbon footprint.

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While bamboo isn’t cheap, investing in this material will cost you less than most other options and comparable hardwood items such as cherry, maple, and oak. To learn more about this eco-friendly material, House of Bamboo, a leading provider of sustainable indoor and outdoor solutions in Australia, explains in detail what you need to know about bamboo, see our infographic below.

Interesting Facts about Bamboo, a Leading Furniture Manufacturing Material