In the current age of social media and digital communication, online dating has become a significant force. About 19% of all U.S. internet users currently use dating websites and apps. When we break this down and only look at singles, 66% have used online dating.

For those considering online dating or who have tried it without success, you may be wondering if dating apps actually lead to love? Find out the stats on how likely dating app users are to go from messaging to a long-term relationship.

Making Connections with Dating Apps
While there may be lots of online dating profiles, how many of those users are actually looking for love?

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A report from SimpleTexting reveals that most dating app users are looking for long-term relationships. While about 41% of all users are looking for love, it’s slightly skewed toward females, with 44.1% of females looking for a long-term relationship and 38.4% of males.

Beyond relationship-seeking, other popular reasons for using dating apps are for casual relationships (18.7%), to meet new friends (11.7%), and to boost self-esteem (6.2%). There are even those out to get free drinks/meals (1.9%).

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the United States, far outpacing the competition.

Love on the Internet: Do Dating Apps Lead to a Real Relationship?
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